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TechCenter is a platform that connects to your equipment and provides important operations and maintenance insight and facilitates dynamic parts ordering.

Fleet Management

Prairie Machine equipment collects valuable information related to the usage of your specific piece of equipment. Once activated, the onboard Data Logger collects and transfers machine data to the TechCenter platform.

TechCenter processes the data and translates it into an easy-to-understand glimpse into the machine's health and performance. Utilizing this information and managing any fault codes that may occur allows a site to proactively attend to any equipment issues before they turn into significant equipment downtime

Parts Catalog

Using the TechCenter online parts catalog allows a site to order parts on demand - ensuring that you have the part you need, when you need it.

Traditional parts catalogs can keep maintenance staff busy sifting through a possibly outdated parts catalog searching for the correct information. Transitioning from paper documentation to an easy-to-use graphical equipment model with access to technical content can significantly increase productivity for maintenance staff and for the site as a whole.

For more information regarding our TechCenter platform, please contact us directly.