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About Prairie Machine


Prairie Machine is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of heavy-duty equipment and technical solutions for the heavy industrial and mining industries. We offer a wide range of manufacturing services to help your business and to solve your challenges.

As an OEM, Prairie Machine designs and manufactures the equipment we build for the mining industry. We have a powerful team with experience and ability to tackle the toughest challenges. Our team is our team, we do not contract to third parties, all expertise is in-house. Full integration between these teams means optimization every step of the way. By controlling the entire process from start to finish, our customers receive high quality, customized equipment solutions.

Let Prairie Machine work with you through all stages of the product development cycle. Starting with evaluating your needs, we carry the project through engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and implementation of the product.

Engineering and Design


Welding and Fabrication

Machine Assembly


Custom Manufacturing

Repair and Rebuild